Parish Ministries

Parish Pastoral Council:

Chairperson-Ernie Alama, Ph.D.  219-3477 ext 141


 Robert Gentles


Orest Fedkiw  816-7811

Pastoral Care:                          

Louise O’Brien & Marie Muyres    272-6853


Pepito &  Gloria Salcedo  235-6916

Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion & Lectors

Annette Lozanski  936-5732


Leah Draho 695-5589



St. Cecilia’s Choir: Ofie Montesclaros  226-1972

St. Augustine’s Choir: Joel Valderrama  860-5628

St. Theresa’s Choir: Norma Bolo   587-352-0827

God The Almighty’s Choir: Ernie Alama  301-5298

Resurrection’s Choir: Ofie Montesclaros  226-1972

SACRAMENTAL PREP.  (Holy Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation) 

Dan & Carol Ranallo  248-8806


Colette Knapp  272-0401


Children of Hope (Eucharistic Adoration):   

Dr. Rose Geonzon    280-3021

God Almighty Foundation Prayer Group: 

Virginia Jove   804-3116

GTA’s Youth:  Flor Alama  301-5298


Consuelo Munar   204-1398

St. Vincent de Paul  Society


Catholic Women’s League:                               

Dr. Rose Geonzon  280-3021

Knights of Columbus #4749 Council:                                       

James Knapp  650-3200


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